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Summer Shopping Center | 13 Safety Tips

Human Beings are social people, we like going out and after this lock down, many people are going to go to shopping malls and other locations. But the thing to know is COVID-19 is not over yet and more diseases are coming. Shopping malls tend to be very crowded areas that can easily spread the virus unless you are careful. Though during this summer the heat has increased a lot more than the last time. With the heat come many related conditions. It’s not only the heat you have to watch out for though as the people in shopping malls make good targets for criminals. We are providing you with some summer shopping center safety tips for you to be safe during the summer.

1. Park Close To The Shopping Center

It would be helpful to you to park near the shopping center to make it easier for you. Especially during the day as the heat is a lot hotter its best to get away from it. With the amount of stuff, you buy from the shopping mall the closer your vehicle the easier it is to load a lot of items.

2. Don’t Leave Valuables Open In The Car.

A general safety tip whenever you park in a shopping center, don’t leave your valuables in the car. It is relatively easy to break into a car parked in a shopping center as there is lesser security present in the parking lots. So, it’s best to cover up all your valuables or take them with you if you can.

3. Hold Your Keys In Your Hand.

If you are at a shopping center at night a good option is to remove your keys ahead of time. As there would be fewer people present, people tend to get attacked more often in such conditions. It does also allow you to leave faster and be safer.

4. Be Careful Of Your Surroundings.

While people go shopping they tend to have their mind occupied with everything in the shopping center. Your hands would usually be filled with what you have bought. If you think you are being followed, find someone that can help you. You can get a shopping center security guards to help you with any problem that you may have.

5. Always Have Your Cellphone On Hand.

There are two main reasons why you need to keep your cell phone handy. One of them is to protect yourself from anyone trying to attack you. You can call for help easier. The other is during summer a lot of people tend to have heat strokes. So, anytime during your trip to the shopping center if you feel unwell it’s best to give a call to someone you know.

6. Know Where The Emergency Exits Are.

It is important to know where the emergency exits and all exits are located. This is a general concern in shopping centers. In case a fire breaks out or something unexpected happens you should know which way to go in order to be safe.

7. Avoid Bug Bites

Recently scientists have found that the mosquitoes currently here have been tested for the West Nile virus. As well as deer ticks are found to transmit Lyme disease. These bugs might contain other viruses as well for which they might not have been tested. During summer a lot more bugs show up with the heat. It would be a good idea to avoid all bugs during the summer in order to be safe. There are bug repellent creams that can be used during the days.

8. Have Plenty Of Fluids.

The most important part of the summer is to keep your body hydrated. Regardless of any activity just keep drinking fluids. Dehydration could cause a major effect on you with the addition of summer heat even within a shopping center. You could suddenly fall due to a heat stroke. You must have an id with you if you are alone in the shopping center.

9. Dress, Eat And Live By The Heat.

What you wear, eat, and do have a major effect on your body especially during the summer. It’s best to wear loose-fitting clothes which cover most of your skin. Wearing Lighter colors can help reflect the sunlight to maintain a normal temperature. In the shopping center, I know there are a lot of places where you can eat. But during summer it’s best to consume fruits and vegetables which contain water in them. Try to avoid any unnecessary activities during the summer such as running or cycling. The best time for such events is during the night or early morning.

10. Regularly Check On People With You.

If you are with any of the below categories of people it is important to keep a regular check on them and not lose sight of them as they are the most prone to be damaged by the heat this summer.

  • Infants and young children.
  • People aged 65 or older.
  • Anyone who has a mental illness.
  • People who have a physical illness, mainly heart-related illness.

11. Keep An Eye For Heat Disorder Symptoms.

It is important to know the symptoms to know if anyone with you may start to show these symptoms. It is best to keep an eye on them and rest for a bit and call someone if it gets worse.

  • Heavy sweating
  • Pale skin
  • Muscle cramps
  • Feeling tired and weak
  • Confusion or disorientation
  • Headache
  • Decreased consciousness or passing out
  • Nausea or vomiting

12. Keep Meeting Place.

If everyone wants to go to other places in the shopping center it is best to make sure you all meet back at a certain place. So everyone knows where to meet and will be safe if anything happens.

13. COVID-19 Precaution

Even though many shopping centers have been opened it is still a requirement to wear masks when entering the malls. Outdoor Shopping centers seem to have less of a risk than Indoor Shopping centers. This is because the virus spreads in closed areas. It is important to follow the CDC guidelines for essential errands. Even though the lifespan of COVID-19 is reduced in the summer it’s still not gone. So keep safe and follow the summer shopping center safety tips.

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June 16, 2020 7:28 pm