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Securelion security is one of the best security guard companies in Ventura county. Hiring security guards to protect your homes or business should never be a second option. It is very important to keep both your property and the people within protected at all times. Having security cameras is a good step towards it but having a security guard present will give you an option to do something about the situation. Here at securelion security, we provide you with options that would best suit your property.

At securelion security, we have many different industries which our security guards serve as well as different services which they provide. We take our clients safety and security as our top priority. We make sure that all our security guards undergo at least 40 hours of training before they choose a speciality. For an armed guard, we have them take some extra training on the firearms and weapons. What makes us different from other security guard companies is that we have our security guards specialize in an industry of their choice as well.

We help you choose exactly what type of security you need for your establishment based on the location and type of industry you are in. The benefits of having an industry specific security guard ready for you is better than any other security company out there. After all, these security guards would know all about the industry and will be able to handle any emergency situations that may arise.

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At Securelion Security Services our entire team attentively protects and serves our employees and their assets. Our absolute highest priority is the safety and satisfaction of our clients. We do a detailed assessment of our client's unique security needs and match skilled and talented officers to accommodate our client's individual needs. Our experienced management and every single security officer goes to great means to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our clients. Your safety and satisfaction is our business!

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    Industries We Provide Security Service To

    Industry specific guards can be very helpful as such we have our security guards train in specific industries as specialties so they understand all the ins and outs of it. After all, our number one goal is to make sure our client is happy and safe. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what service you need we have you covered. We understand that every business has its own unique requirements and we work hard to provide them.

    At Securelion, the industries we service range from hotel security guards to corporate security guard services. Along with the industries we provide a variety of security guard services in Orange county. In Orange county there are a lot of activities which take place regularly so we even provide security in orange county so you have no problems during those activities. We have security guards for all types of industries so you are covered but there are some industries that need security no matter what like the hospital security guard service that we provide.

    Your industry is a big factor in deciding what kind of security service you would need but it would also depend on the area you are in. It is very important to know exactly what you want before you go ahead and hire security guards. However, the best option to protect your property is a security guards presence.

    What People Say About Us
    It has truly been a pleasure working with SecureLion Security. The guards are always on time, well groomed and not to mention extremely extremely friendly. Their customer services is by far the best and their staff is very well qualified for the job. That is why I also recommend them to my business associates friends. Keep up the great work. Will definitely refer family and friends. Affordable too! You'll be happy with their service and won't regret it!
    John Ferris
    Yelp Review
    I am very satisfied with the services of SecureLion for my children's school security needs. It is apparent the GM cares about the school and goes out of his way to ensure that we receive the best security coverage. Him and his team are very friendly (happily greeting parents and children by their names), very professional, reliable and always willing to help out or go the extra mile. It is important to feel that our children are in a secure place and will be taken care of in case of an emergency, and I find comfort knowing they are in good hands with SecureLion. I hope they stay with us long-term.
    Isabella C.
    Yelp Review
    We hired SecureLion Security about a year ago to work at our community and they have done a great job at meeting our expectations. SecureLion Security also has been able to give us extra guys on just a couple days notice when needed. If you ever have any issues, they get right on top of it with no delays. SecureLion Security guards are always clean looking and very professional and on time. This company is a good fit with our 625 unit condo community in the east bay.
    Jay Kimpel
    Google Review
    The quality of a security company is best judged by the quality of the people they employ, the technology they use and how safe and secure they make a place. In all three categories SecureLion Security did an outstanding job. We recently worked with them on a project and they exceeded all our expectations. Securelion security is best security firm in the Bay Area from our experience and our entire firm would highly recommend them.
    Donna Tannous
    Google Review


    Here at Securelion security we have multiple security guard services for you to choose from. This way you can choose exactly what type of service you need along with the benefit of hiring a security guard. No matter what type of guard you need we have it for you, all our guards are available 24/7 and undergo rigorous training before going into the field.

    If you live in a low risk area we have unarmed security guards that are familiar with your industry to help you in all situations if you need armed security guard services for high risk industries and areas we have them ready for you. All our security guards are trained to deal with any emergency situation that may arise. Our armed security guards undergo additional training in how to use firearms and deal with it accordingly.

    Some businesses might want unarmed security guards that could help a bit with the customer service our guards are already prepared and trained for that. If you want patrols for long distances around your property we have mobile patrols that would work perfect for you. The benefit of hiring a security guard is the amount of different choices you have.

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    Armed Security Guard

    Fire Watch Security

    Vehicle Guard

    Golf Cart Patrol

    Mobile Patrol

    A Few Valued Clients


    We offer armed and unarmed security guard services, mobile and foot patrol security guard service to the following neighborhoods and cities in Northern California

    Our goal here at securelion security is to help as many businesses as we can as such we spread across the county helping in many cities. We have a security guard company in ventura to make access easier to our guards and backup  arrive as soon as possible. In the same way we have our security guard company in Thousand oaks as well. Our main reason for creating our security guard companies in multiple cities is to help all those clients that would be far away from us and need security assistance.

    To help grow your business one of the most important factors is a good security presence and in order to provide that we have spread across as your business improves so does ours. So help us protect your business, tell us what security service you need so we can help protect you and everyone in your property. After all, the importance of security guards is a lot bigger than what people realize.




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    El Rio

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    Oak Park

    Bell Canyon

    Meiners Oaks

    Mira Monte


    We are a professional Security Guard that serves northern and southern California.


    We offer security services on a "trial basis." No long-term commitment is required. We custom design protection plans to meet each individual client's needs.


    Our guards use PatrolLIVE Service, which delivers documented tamper-proof and feature-rich evidence of an officer’s location and performance instantly online to our clients.


    SecureLion guards have passed an exhaustive screening process, background checks, and drug testing, and received comprehensive training.


    SecureLion Security is fully Insured & Bonded and carries an insurance policy that pays up to $1.5 Million (3,000,000.00) per occurrence in which it covers property damage, bodily injury, etc.


    How Expensive Will it be?

    There’s no way to provide a one size fits all for the pricing. Every business’s security needs are inherently unique, even when they’re similar. Our team of experts will work with you in order to ensure the best possible, and cost-effective solution to meet your security needs. What we do know is that when you work with us your security needs and satisfaction will always be our top priority. We take your needs seriously and treat them as if they were our own because they are. Let Securelion Security Services asses your needs today, get a free quote.

    I Don’t know what I Need. Can you help?

    Absolutely! We’re the best security guard company, Bay Area. As such we will let our talented team of experienced security experts work with you on your specific needs. They’ll create a strategy and outline a plan that would best suit the needs of your business or person. Once a plan is we allow our courteous and professional teams to execute those plans. With Securelion Security Services you can leave the planning to us.

    Will the same guard always be assigned to me?

    Bay Area security companies like Securelion Security can’t guarantee that you’ll always have the same guard on duty. There’s a variety of reasons for this such as the guard’s schedule or a personal matter. We can, however, assure you that every guard assigned will be the utmost of professional and fully aware of your security needs so they can perform their duties to the best of their abilities. We take our privacy guards and security officer training seriously here at Securelion Security and can guarantee an exemplary level of excellence from our teams.

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    When you contract with us for your security needs, you are not only contracting for an onsite security officer but for the services of an extremely integrated team of security professionals

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