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Among the many different security guard companies in Orange County, Securelion provides the best security you can get. When looking for a good security guard industry for your business you should know that each business would require its own unique security. Along with the type of industry you work in also comes the security guard services in orange county that you would need. As each area would need a different type of service.

At Securelion Security, we take extra steps to stay ahead of others. After all there is a reason why we are the best security guard company in Orange county. We train all our guards in specific industries so they know the ins and outs of it. In this case they would be ready for any emergency in case it happens. Depending on the type of service you select would not be a problem as they all undergo intensive training before being sent out. Our Armed security guards service in Orange County in particular is top of the line in its field.

We take our security guard training very seriously here at securelion security. All our security guards undergo at least 40 hours of rigorous and extreme training even more for our armed guards. After they are done with the training is when they go into specialized fields. It is very important for you to know what service you want for your industry. We can help you choose by giving you the best options but based on your property that is being protected the services required might be a little different. So come get your security guards for hire in Orange county and protect your establishment properly.

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At Securelion Security Services our entire team attentively protects and serves our employees and their assets. Our absolute highest priority is the safety and satisfaction of our clients. We do a detailed assessment of our client’s unique security needs and match skilled and talented officers to accommodate our client’s individual needs. Our experienced management and every single security officer goes to great means to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our clients. Your safety and satisfaction is our business!

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Industries We Provide Security Service To

There are many security guard companies that are located in Orange County but we are one of the few that provide security guards for all types of industries. No matter what security guard services in Orange County you may need we have you covered.  After all we understand that each business requires its own unique type of security the same as any industry. Which is why we provide industry specific security guards to help protect your property.

Here at Securelion security we offer you services directly targeted towards what you need. If you are hosting an event and need proper service we have event security in Orange County for you. We provide security guards all throughout different industries. We have school security guards to keep everyone safe or hotel security guards to make sure no one steals. In other places which are more important security guard services may be of more importance. Such as having Corporate security guard service for your business buildings or having hospital security guard service to make sure the area is safe.

Always take one important thing into account. Before you make your decision and hire some security service you should first understand what exactly it is that you need. Once you understand the type of industry you are and the type of service that best suits your business you will be able to choose a lot easier. This way the security service that you hire will be the right one for you.

What People Say About Us
It has truly been a pleasure working with SecureLion Security. The guards are always on time, well groomed and not to mention extremely extremely friendly. Their customer services is by far the best and their staff is very well qualified for the job. That is why I also recommend them to my business associates friends. Keep up the great work. Will definitely refer family and friends. Affordable too! You'll be happy with their service and won't regret it!
John Ferris
Yelp Review
I am very satisfied with the services of SecureLion for my children's school security needs. It is apparent the GM cares about the school and goes out of his way to ensure that we receive the best security coverage. Him and his team are very friendly (happily greeting parents and children by their names), very professional, reliable and always willing to help out or go the extra mile. It is important to feel that our children are in a secure place and will be taken care of in case of an emergency, and I find comfort knowing they are in good hands with SecureLion. I hope they stay with us long-term.
Isabella C.
Yelp Review
We hired SecureLion Security about a year ago to work at our community and they have done a great job at meeting our expectations. SecureLion Security also has been able to give us extra guys on just a couple days notice when needed. If you ever have any issues, they get right on top of it with no delays. SecureLion Security guards are always clean looking and very professional and on time. This company is a good fit with our 625 unit condo community in the east bay.
Jay Kimpel
Google Review
The quality of a security company is best judged by the quality of the people they employ, the technology they use and how safe and secure they make an event or a place. In all three categories SecureLion Security did an outstanding job. We recently worked with them on a project and they exceeded all our expectations. Securelion security is best security firm in the Bay Area from our experience and our entire firm would highly recommend them.
Donna Tannous
Google Review


No matter what business it is that you are running there are always benefits of hiring a security guard for your establishment. However our Orange county security guard services are always ready to protect your establishment at any time you need.  We provide you with trained security guards for hire that have undergone rigorous training before they are sent out in the field.

Knowing what type of security guard that you want and need is very important for your business. If you live in a low risk area we have unarmed security guards for hire that can help you with your needs easily. However if you live in a high risk area or own a place where money is stored hiring an armed security guard may be better. After all, having an armed security guard service for banks just makes more sense.

Not only do we provide armed and unarmed security guards at securelion security though we have a variety of other services. Depending on what kind of business you own the type of service that you require might be different. For example, let us say you live in a neighborhood and are looking for security that covers the entire neighborhood. Hiring some mobile patrol or vehicle guard may be a better option as they can cover more ground as they look around the area. If you have a business which is easily flammable having some firewatch security present would help you be safer.

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We offer armed and unarmed security guard services, mobile and foot patrol security guard service to the following neighborhoods and cities in Northern California

No matter what industry or neighborhood you have your business, security guards would be an important factor in the growth of your business. Depending on the area and the business you own, your business could either be classified as high-risk or low-risk. Orange county in particular has been becoming more popular as many more tech companies are opening up in the area. All these companies have security guards present. Even if you think you don’t need one it is always better to be prepared if something happens. Our security guard company in orange county is one of the best out there.

In order to help other companies we provide our services around the area of orange county as well. We have a security guard company in Irvine if you need one. We have our security guard companies located in various locations of Orange county to make it easier for our guards to reach you the quickest. Having a security guard company in Santa Ana or a security guard company in Orange really helps us with this.






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We are a professional Security Guard that serves northern and southern California.


We offer security services on a "trial basis." No long-term commitment is required. We custom design protection plans to meet each individual client's needs.


Our guards use PatrolLIVE Service, which delivers documented tamper-proof and feature-rich evidence of an officer’s location and performance instantly online to our clients.


SecureLion guards have passed an exhaustive screening process, background checks, and drug testing, and received comprehensive training.


SecureLion Security is fully Insured & Bonded and carries an insurance policy that pays up to $1.5 Million (3,000,000.00) per occurrence in which it covers property damage, bodily injury, etc.


How Expensive Will it be?

There’s no way to provide a one size fits all for the pricing. Every business’s security needs are inherently unique, even when they’re similar. Our team of experts will work with you in order to ensure the best possible, and cost-effective solution to meet your security needs. What we do know is that when you work with us your security needs and satisfaction will always be our top priority. We take your needs seriously and treat them as if they were our own because they are. Let Securelion Security Services asses your needs today, get a free quote.

I Don’t know what I Need. Can you help?

Absolutely! We’re the best security guard company, Bay Area. As such we will let our talented team of experienced security experts work with you on your specific needs. They’ll create a strategy and outline a plan that would best suit the needs of your business or person. Once a plan is we allow our courteous and professional teams to execute those plans. With Securelion Security Services you can leave the planning to us.

Will the same guard always be assigned to me?

Bay Area security companies like Securelion Security can’t guarantee that you’ll always have the same guard on duty. There’s a variety of reasons for this such as the guard’s schedule or a personal matter. We can, however, assure you that every guard assigned will be the utmost of professional and fully aware of your security needs so they can perform their duties to the best of their abilities. We take our privacy guards and security officer training seriously here at Securelion Security and can guarantee an exemplary level of excellence from our teams.

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When you contract with us for your security needs, you are not only contracting for an onsite security officer but for the services of an extremely integrated team of security professionals

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