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Mobile Patrol:What is it and Benefits?

When running a business, the most important factor to take into consideration is the safety and well-being of your employees and property. The best solution to keep them secure is to establish an in-house patrol unit, which can be expensive and time-consuming. If you’re seeking cost-effective security guard services in Los Angeles, you should check into mobile patrol services. In this blog article, we will detail three
different ways that these patrols work, as well as share instances from clients who have been really delighted with their service.

At SecureLion Security, our number one priority is to keep your belongings safe and secure. Many customers come to us unsure of their most serious security issues or which security services would be most beneficial to them. We understand how frightening it might be to consider all of the potential threats to your home or business. That is why we like assisting clients in assessing threats and then recommending the
best security solutions to match their needs.

Customers frequently believe that they must spend a large sum of money on a specialized, 24-hour private security crew. In fact, this is not always the best solution. Customers would often get the most bang for their buck with mobile patrols for their residences.

What is Mobile Patrol?

While breaking the law is never a good idea, burglars and criminals are becoming wiser in their pursuit of the perfect crime. Criminals now have easier access to and more information about homeowners and businesses thanks to advances in technology. Those in charge of a property’s security must be even wiser and more prepared. Mobile patrol security workers patrol randomized and scheduled routes in marked, professional patrol cars or on foot, looking for criminal activities or other questionable activity. Because they are not stationed in one place, these security guards have the advantage of startling would-be criminals and guaranteeing those bad elements have no safe time to carry out their crimes.

A good example of mobile patrol at work may be found in the parking areas of many large shopping malls. Mobile patrols cruise around the property on both scheduled and random routes, providing a visible presence to individuals who may wish to commit a crime.

In the sad case of damage or other harm, mobile security patrols are frequently the first to arrive on the site and can instantly inform the police or emergency medical staff. Even better, the very presence of mobile security can frequently discourage a crime from occurring in the first place.

Active and Alert Security Personnel

Mobile patrol personnel is distinct from security guards who station themselves at a security booth or at the property’s entrance. Mobile patrols are always on the move, scanning the site for suspected activity. As a result, they are always ready to act at a moment’s notice.

If an alarm goes off on your property, you’ll need to get there fast or have someone come on your behalf to repair the problem and turn off the alarm. If you fail to do this on more than two instances, the police may dismiss the following alarms. If you have a mobile patrol service on-site, you can use their skilled key holding and alarm response service to deactivate the alarm as needed and speak with the police if necessary.

Officers will also be available to re-secure the property as needed and to coordinate with the authorities to manage the issue and protect anyone who may be in danger.

Security Checks

They are responsible for much more than just surveilling and responding to alarms; they can also conduct patrols in places beyond the purview of CCTV cameras, and even check doors and windows to ensure they are all latched and nothing has been tampered with.

They are also available in emergency situations and can be hired as and when they are required, which is frequently 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Visible Crime Deterrent

When deciding which property to target next, a thief or vandal will always choose the most obvious and easiest target. In comparison to some of the other security solutions described above, mobile patrols are unexpected. A facility that is guarded by mobile patrol security personnel is far less likely to be the target of criminal activities. Even the most inept crooks understand that roving security officers are not to be taken lightly.


If your budget does not allow for a regular, static security guard, you may be able to reduce costs by paying for a patrol service on an as-needed basis and selecting the degree of services they provide for you.

If your property is prone to theft or vandalism, having a patrol service secure it can, of course, save you money by preventing damage and avoiding the need for expensive repairs or even a lawsuit.

Static guard services have their place, but nothing beats the roaming guard services of a mobile patrol, especially when it comes to providing you and anybody else on your property with the best chance of being safe at all times and from all threats.

Providing Mobile Patrol Security

SecureLion Security has provided services in both the Bay area and Los Angeles. We provide a variety of services depending on the industry you are in. Regardless of your needs, partnering with SecureLion can offer you a sense of safety, reassurance, and confidence. Whether you are a business owner, a construction project manager, a property manager, or require a security detail – SecureLion’s services are for you. All
our guards undergo an extensive screening process, and background checks and go through rigorous training. We are one of the only security guard companies that offer our security services on a trial basis first. SecureLion provides our security services to an array of clients.

As a business owner, hiring a security team provides your clients assurance that your team has an executed plan to get to safety in the event of a risky situation. Suppose you’re in the property management industry or the construction industry. In that case, your security team can help encourage your clients that your company pledges safety and professionalism compared to your competitors. With this idea in mind, many distinct industries can benefit from hiring SecureLion. If you or your company is on the search for security services in Los Angeles, contact SecureLion Security for more information


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