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3 reasons why security guards are needed for loss prevention

Loss prevention is a crucial element of any retail store. Having secure doors and windows, for example, can help prevent theft. Additionally, having trained security guards who can keep an eye out for suspicious activity helps keep your store safe from criminals. They also serve as first responders in the case of a natural disaster or emergency especially security guard companies in the bay area. Bay Area security guard companies, like Securelion are highly skilled in maintaining the safety of your shoppers and employees.

What is loss prevention?

Loss prevention is a term used to describe actions taken to reduce the risk of loss. In retail stores, it’s known as asset protection or inventory protection. Essentially, anything helps increase a store’s profits and reduces employee theft.

Bay Area security guard companies are responsible for preventing losses from occurring by preventing shoplifting and other forms of theft committed by customers or employees. Their duties include:

  • Observing people entering and exiting the store

  • Monitoring areas where merchandise is stored

  • Observing customers as they shop (including watching them through mirrors),

  • Keeping an eye out for suspicious behavior like stuffing items into their purse when no one else is looking

  • Checking receipts at checkout counters

  • Patrolling outside parking lots with security vehicles equipped with surveillance cameras

How does a security guard help with loss prevention?

The main role of a security guard is to deter theft and prevent loss. That’s the job: to keep your merchandise safe, so you don’t have to worry about it being stolen or damaged in any way. In other words, guards are there to make sure you aren’t losing money from your business.

Security guards can do this by deterring theft through their presence on site. For example, if someone sees a uniformed guard standing at the entrance or a high-traffic area inside the store, they may be less likely to steal something because they think they could get caught and arrested by law enforcement if caught in the act of shoplifting or committing another crime like burglary or vandalism against your business property (such as graffiti).

Your security guard can also help in monitoring cash registers for suspicious activity such as employees stealing money from them when no one else is watching over them during busy times when lines are long during checkout periods; this includes monitoring cameras set up near registers that capture footage recorded during these hours where they could potentially see what happened before calling police officers over immediately after noticing something wrong happening with their video feed system available online 24/7 via smartphone apps installed onto mobile phones used primarily by sales associates working within different departments throughout stores owned by companies who employ sufficient numbers of employees who work together as part of teams assigned different tasks throughout each day without leaving anyone alone without supervision at any time. Bay Area security guard companies provide yu will the most skillful and trained guards to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

You should also consider installing security cameras inside and outside of your business property to monitor activity in parking lots and anywhere else within or around your premises. This will help you keep a close eye on what’s going on around you so that you can better protect yourself from potential theft or damage caused by vandals seeking to cause trouble without being caught doing so. Or you can hire a security guard company in the bay area to help you with this. Bay Area security guard companies like Securelion understand that safety is not something to take lightly.

Other reasons why you need loss prevention services in retail stores.

  • Shoplifting. Security guards help prevent shoplifting. They monitor customers, inspect their purchases, and prevent them from leaving the store with merchandise they haven’t paid for. They’ll also confiscate stolen goods and return them to their rightful owners, as well as deal with shoplifters who have fled the scene of the crime.

  • Employee theft. Security guards also help combat employee theft by monitoring employees’ activities, inspecting their belongings when they leave work at night or over lunch breaks, conducting random bag searches on entering/leaving premises (especially at warehouse-style stores), performing surveillance assignments around business locations during off-hours, and more.[8] This can be especially important if your company uses commission pay structures that make employees more likely than usual to steal merchandise or cash receipts from sales transactions.[9]

  • Product tampering. Security guards can also help prevent product tampering by monitoring customers’ movements around store shelves and counters, inspecting products for signs of damage or tampering, and more. This is especially important if your company sells products that are commonly targeted by thieves, such as electronics, cosmetics, and toiletries. For example, security guards may be able to spot a shoplifter trying to steal an expensive lipstick or deodorant because they’re not in the right part of the store; they may also notice that one customer has been lingering around the same display for a while and acting oddly. They can then detain the person until the police arrive (if necessary) and keep other customers from being exposed to any potentially harmful substances or materials that might have been left behind on display cases or items. Security guard companies in the bay area are skilled in keeping retail stores in high crime rated cities safe from theft.

Loss prevention Benefits

The benefits of loss prevention are significant for retail stores, and security guards are an important part of ensuring that store safety.

Security guards are trained to be observant and alert. They will be able to spot any suspicious activity in the store and can provide important information to the police if necessary. This helps prevent theft (both from customers and employees) as well as keep shoppers safe from harm or injury caused by other people in the store.

Security guards provide a deterrent to crime. Criminals don’t want to get caught, so they may be less likely to commit crimes where there’s someone present who could report them right away—which is exactly what we want! Using this logic, our goal is not only preventing theft but also deterring potential thieves so they won’t even think about coming near us in the first place! By keeping an eye out for suspicious activity at all times while on duty at different locations throughout town during their shift schedule each week/month depending on how many hours per day they work at each location.

Loss prevention is a very important part of retail stores. Many retailers have turned to security guards as a way to reduce theft and other losses. The benefits of loss prevention services go beyond just protecting your company from losses, though a security guard company in the  bay area can also protect their staff and customers from injury or harm. Bay Area security guard companies are highly competitive but one stands above the rest, Securelion Security.


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