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Why should every hotel have security guards?

Hotels need extra security because they have a large number of guests so criminals are more likely to try and steal from them. There are a lot of people walking in and out, so they can easily walk in without having a reservation. It is also a chosen spot because guests carry a lot of personal belongings when staying at a hotel. Since hotels have a large number of people, they may need a larger team of security guards than other businesses. I will be listing reasons every hotel should have security guards services at all hours.

Guests will feel safer

Having security guards on the premise will make the guests feel safer, which can lead to them deciding to come back again. It can also help in their decision-making process of choosing a hotel to stay at, as long as it is listed on the website and other sites that they use to browse for hotels. Many guests go to hotels on vacation to relax, so this will ensure they are more comfortable. They will not need to worry about their hotel room being unsafe. It may be worrisome to stay somewhere that isn’t your house so it is extremely important to make sure guests are happy and relaxed. The security guards can escort guests if they ever feel unsafe walking to their car, or to their room.

Prevent theft and fights

The security guards can patrol the area often to make sure no one is doing anything suspicious. They can be hired overnight also, to make sure there is no conflict at night when everyone is getting rest. They can kick out the people breaking rules on the spot instead of having to call the police after it happened, they can help prevent it. They can also make sure no guest leaves with any items that are the hotel’s property.

With a large number of guests in one building, and if the hotel has a bar, situations may arise where there is conflict between guests. Security guards will try to avoid the conflict escalating into a fight. They are there in case someone spots a fight, so they can call for security to go and break up a fight if it is in an area they are not.

Watch the lobby

Hotel security can monitor the people entering and exiting to make sure no one does anything suspicious or can be eyewitnesses for a police report if needed. They can look out for any items that can be used to vandalize or commit other crimes. Securities can make sure there is no property damage, and if there is, they can find the person and make sure they don’t get away, or help find them if they recognize the person from when they are watching the entrance.

Respond quickly to emergencies

If there is an injury, fire, or another emergency, they will be the first responders in the situation because they are already on the premise. They are trained to do as much as they can before other authorities arrive. If there is a medical emergency, they are most likely trained to give CPR, have first aid kits, and other training to help the guest until the paramedics arrive. In case of a fire, they will make sure they get everyone out safely and make sure no one gets hurt. They are trained to find danger quickly and make quick decisions to help their clients and their customers.

If there is ever a person threatening with a weapon or creating conflict, the security guards are trained to know how to go about the situation. They will analyze the situation to find the best solution. This is why they must have good communication skills and strength, they may be able to talk to the person to calm them down, or they can use force to stop them. They are equipped with self-defense equipment like pepper spray, a stun gun, and a baton. Some security guards are armed with a gun if the situation escalates where they must use it to protect others or their own lives.

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Monitor cameras

All hotels should have security cameras throughout the building in the lobby, hallways, and outdoor areas like the pool and parking lot. This is beneficial if a security guard missed something, or if they are searching for a person. The security guards will be monitoring the cameras to make sure nothing suspicious happens. With the cameras, they can spot things easily in areas that the other security guards are not in. They will then tell their teammates to go and check the area to make sure nothing gets out of hand.

Help in hotel events

Many hotels host events and have rooms or outdoor areas available to rent for events. Some of the common events include weddings, quinceañeras, conventions, and business gatherings. This is where the hotel will have to increase the number of security guards on duty. They will make sure the number of people stays under capacity to avoid any dangerous situations. People may be drinking during these events, so things can easily get out of control. The security guards will also make sure no one disrupts the hotel guests or causes any problems with other guests. They are there for any emergency that arises at the event and they will make sure the event stops at the right time. If there is any conflict, or if the event goes overtime, they will be there to usher everyone out and make sure everyone leaves safely.

Firewatch security

Another security service is fire watch security which specializes in finding fire hazards and helping clients come up with an emergency plan. They can be hired for a day to inspect the hotel to make sure all the fire alarms are working, the evacuation plans are satisfactory and in every room, and no leaks or fire hazards have come up.

A hotel’s guests are their number one priority so they must do everything they can to ensure safety. If you are a Hotel owner, check out security guard services near your property to enhance your hotel’s safety.

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April 19, 2022 7:18 pm