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When Should You Consider Hiring Security Guards?

Don’t know when you should hire a security team? Here’s a guide for you. Are you planning an event in Los Angeles with a guest list of over 100 people? Are you a storefront business owner? Is your property (commercial or residential) located in a high-risk Los Angeles Area? If any of these apply to you, you need security guard services in Los Angeles!

Hiring security at events with a large guest list

Any event that exceeds an expected turnout of over 100 guests needs a strong security presence. With that many people around, there are so many risks and things that can go wrong. As the event host, you will be way too busy and stressed managing higher profile situations to be pulled away for a dispute between two guests over seating arrangements, a rowdy guest who has drunk too much, or maybe even crowd control over the red carpet photo station. These situations and others alike can all be handled by your team of security professionals. Guests are more than likely to listen to someone wearing a uniform and badge anyway! Do not get involved in these minor disputes. Enjoy your night as a stress-free host as your security team takes care of the event issues for you.

Hiring security for your business

Another great reason to hire a security team is to help you deter any illegal activity at your storefront location. As a business owner with a storefront, you are always at risk of falling victim to shoplifters or, worse, a robbery situation. With the presence of your security team, your storefront will be protected if any problem is to come up. Still, in hiring your security team, you represent yourself as a more complicated targeted victim. Shoplifters and robbers are less inclined to commit acts against you when they see your professional security team is ready to protect you at any instance.

Hiring security for your high-risk property

Do you live in a high-risk area? Maybe your property is located in a high-crime-rated area? Hiring security can help you ensure your property is correctly protected from all threats and risks. A trained professional security team patrolling your property and its surrounding areas can help you avoid messy situations like a person breaking, or maybe even robbery and petty theft. These crimes can lead to a more complex problem. Sometimes, the property owner who tries to defend themselves without the proper security team and backup may get hurt in protecting their valuables. You don’t want to become a victim of a crime. Hiring a security team helps eliminate these situations significantly.

Security Guard In Los Angeles

As you can see, there are many uses and reasons why you need security guard services in Los Angeles:

Reasons You Need Security Guards

Los Angeles is home to 18.8 million people. In 2021 the city experienced 397 murders, an increase of 12% from 2019. Additionally, there have been reports of 1,459 victims shot in 2021. Violent crime in the city increased 3.9% last year compared with 2020. Property crime rose 4.2% last year over 2020. Let’s keep these numbers in mind as we review why you should consider hiring a security team:

  • As a host for events

  • At events like a birthday party, a wedding, a charity drive, a concert, etc., you can eliminate your stress for the minor issues and disputes your guest have by hiring a security team and allowing them to handle the situation. As a host, you have too many other responsibilities to deal with. Sharing the burden of guest safety with your security team is a significant stress load on you.


  • As A Business Owner

  • As a business owner with a storefront, you will always be a target victim of shoplifting, petty theft, and robberies. By hiring a security team, you immediately lessen the chance of your storefront becoming a victim of a crime, as uniformed guards make criminals think twice before targeting you. For those criminals who do choose to target you, your trusted team of security professionals can help you de-escalate the situations, so injuries are avoided, the criminal act is ceased, and the persons responsible are detained until the authorities arrive to arrest them. 


  • As A Property Owner

  • As a property owner living in an area with high crime rates such as Los Angeles, hiring a security team means you’ll have an extra team of eyes and ears looking out for your safety. Property theft, vandalism, graffiti, robberies are prevalent offenses made against property owners in Los Angeles. By hiring a trained team of security guards professionals to patrol and protect your property and its surrounding areas, you are helping reduce your risk of becoming a victim of a crime. 

Hiring a security team can have so many benefits for all lifestyle types. Above I have mentioned just a few circumstances where having a security guard company can help reduce risks of crimes, eliminate minor disputes, and help you feel safe. Take these into consideration and call your trusted Los Angeles security guard company, SecureLion, today!

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February 17, 2022 9:37 pm