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Primary Responsibilities Of A Security Guard

Everyone knows police officers and other law enforcement agents are trained to intervene or respond to crimes before they are sent out into the field. However, security guards take a more reactive approach than that. Instead of taking action afterward they try to prevent risks and deter crime, look out for danger and report any crime they see. This is the main objective for all the security guards. Given below are the primary responsibilities of a security guard.

Securing the Premises

When we talk about securing the premises we are generally talking about multiple functions. Security guards make sure to take care of them all.

Patrolling Your Property

It is always good to be on the lookout for anyone trespassing on your property. But security systems won’t be able to do anything against them in which case security guards are used to patrol around. As security guards can patrol event the blind spots of the security cameras.

Monitoring the Premises

There can be two different teams of security guards present as well one to monitor the area using the security cameras and the other patrolling the area both making sure nothing illegal is happening.

Controlling Access to the Property

Once a security guard is hired they are usually given access to the property to check every location on the property to make sure nothing is out of place.

Building inspection

At the end of the day or when no one else is entering. Security guards make sure to do a routine building check to make sure all the doors and access points are properly closed and secure.

Detailed log management

Security guards make it a habit to makes sure everything they see is written down in a detailed log format. As they have to send the information about happened the entire watch to their boss.

Damage Control

The main reason people hire security guards is to prevent any loss which is known as damage control. They also make sure everyone is following the proper rules and guidelines as well. They restrain any wrongdoers and call the police keeping those people in custody until they arrive. When an incident occurs a security guard or team of security guards is responsible to keep everyone safe and make sure they follow the proper procedures. They also help customers in a business environment to make sure everyone is comfortable.

Observing and reporting

The normal day to day responsibilities of a security guard is to observe and report on every task that goes on during their shift. Even if there is no dangerous situation a security guard must always be alert. After an incident occurs the security guard must report the situation to the higher-ups as well as call the police and inform them of the situation.


Some security guards monitor the areas through security cameras. These security guards do also go and investigate if they see anything suspicious going on. They make sure that everyone is following the rules laid out by their employer. They are also in charge of those who enter the building. In times like these, it would be their job to make sure everyone is wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.

Personal Security

Security guards are not only limited to protecting the business environment. Security guards also can be used as personal security a lot of the time. The duties would be similar and a bit different. They do tasks like neutralizing any threats against their client and keep them safe. Security Guards check the area before their client goes into it. They also tag along with their client so as nothing happens to them.

Other Duties

In many cases, some security guards do more than just their primary duties. They may have extra responsibilities depending on where they are located. It may be stuff like picking up phone calls or helping in customer service. So if you are looking to get some security service in Los Angeles it would definitely be helpful.


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