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Importance Of Unarmed Security Guards

Owning a business means you have to protect your assets and property from theft and other criminal activities. This means that you need to hire security. Hiring security guards to protect your business is the most effective way to deal with it. This way you can ensure the safety of your employees, customers and your property. So here is the importance of unarmed security guards to keep in mind when choosing which security guards to hire.


Compared to the other types of guards unarmed security guards are the most affordable. In most cases, they are all you need to protect your establishment. Hiring armed security guards would mean they need to be licensed and trained to carry firearms. Which will lead to cost more per hour. Having firearms on your premises also carries the risk of someone getting injured or killed. Financially speaking Unarmed security guards are the best option for all the smaller companies.

Effective protection

Unarmed guards provide very effective protection. The only reason you may need to hire armed security guards if your business may be targeted by armed robbers. As this is very uncommon hiring unarmed guards is helpful. As they will be able to successfully prevent theft and vandalism. Unarmed security guards go through rigorous training and must complete it at a state-approved facility. In addition, unarmed guards also have the power to make a citizen’s arrest. Even though they don’t carry weapons, all unarmed guards undergo training to have the necessary skills and expertise to resolve conflict and keep your business safe.

Visible Deterrence

Unarmed guards act as a great visible deterrence. As any troublemakers leave when they see the presence of a guard. If the unarmed security guard company has an efficient patrol management system in place then they will be able to ensure that the guards are adequately trained to tackle any situation to safeguard the property. Even if the situation escalates beyond the control of an unarmed security guard they can call in for external help can always be provided in real-time.

Sense Of Safety

As a business owner, you want to ensure that your employees and customers are safe. However, having armed security guards always present may worry them. This is why unarmed security guards provide a much better solution. As they give a sense of safety without worrying anyone as well as provide the same amount of protection.

Lower risk

Even if armed security guards are trained, the risk that someone might be shot always exists. There is also the danger that a perpetrator might get hold of the guard’s weapon and open fire on your employees or clients. In the unfortunate event that someone gets hurt or dies as a result of a shooting, you will be held liable as a business owner. On the other hand, unarmed personnel can offer the same protection for your business without the risk of violence.

Avoid Liability

Property owners may be held liable if an armed guard shoots someone and causes injury or death. Unarmed security can use non-lethal weapons to deter crime and violence. This may include tasers, batons, and sprays which are effective without being deadly.


A security guard has a number of goals, which involves monitoring camera feeds, and the premises. This makes surveillance easy and you can concentrate on running your business with peace of mind as the guards do what they are trained to do best. Unarmed guards are always vigilant and can be able to spot crime. You can be confident in the security team guarding your business.

Quick Response To Crime

Even if your company have a policy in place when it comes to dealing with or responding to crime, it most likely has to involve calling and waiting for the police. The benefit of unarmed security guards is that they are more capable to respond to any sort of crime as you wait for the police to arrive. This is because of their advanced training.

Security Scaled To Threat

Where your business is located may also determine just what kind of security you need. If you live in a rough area, it might make sense to have armed security on site. However, if you run a small storefront in a popular downtown district, an unarmed guard might better suit your needs. That’s because unarmed guards are ready to handle most emergency situations and do not require a firearm to do so. Unarmed officers are capable of making arrests, and are trained in conflict resolution to quickly de-escalate a high-tension situation.


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April 22, 2021 4:07 pm