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Importance Of Security Guards In A Gated Community

People move to gated communities mainly for the privacy and the extra layer of protection it offers. Since gated communities already have security present many people think that they would be fine. Such areas are more targeted by people with malicious intent and the security would not have enough personnel to cover the entire grounds. This is why in some gated communities people hire extra security guards for better protection. There are usually many different types of security that would be located on the premises. Below we are going to talk about them and their use in a gated community. So here is the importance of security guards in a gated community.

Extra Layer Of Security

Many crimes that occur like littering, theft, vandalism or any malicious activities are very common nowadays. The best way to protect your property from these malicious activities is to hire security guards. However, if you are in a gated community you already have some security present. Still, some people manage to slip in which is why it is important for you to have an extra layer of security guards for your own protection. However, along with security guards, there is also additional security present such as cameras to have a view around the community. You would only need to hire some extra security to cover the entire community border so that no one sneaks in.

Patrol The Grounds

One of the main reasons security guards are hired in areas such as gated communities is because of the physical presence. Along with this the security guards can patrol the ground regularly and notice any suspicious activity that is going on around there. This is one of the best ways to prevent any complications from arising in the community. All the guards that are on patrol are alert and in contact with the other guards. So if any problem arises they will all be able to share it along with one another to quickly solve the problem.

Keep Track Of People Who Enter


One of the most significant benefits of hiring a security guard at the gate entrance is its added security. A security guard can monitor every person who exits and enters the community. If an attempt to join the community without proper reason or expectation is applied, our security guards will make sure those who try to enter do not get past the gate. This extra safeguard pointedly diminishes the threat of an intruder making it to your community and property. It is always best to find a security guard service near me this way it won’t be too far when I need it.

Use Of Security Devices

As it were watches at the doors are not adequate to keep track of all the developments within the community. The utilize of innovatively progressed security frameworks is fundamental these days. Come up with a combination of physical-plus-camera security. Utilize the latest observation contraptions to help the security staff in keeping up a quiet environment interior the community. Also, introduce CCTV cameras at entryways and numerous areas and screen them all the time. Keep track of all the cars by the utilize of a programmed permit plate acknowledgment framework. Advanced guest log administration frameworks are moreover convenient in recovering data rapidly in a time of need.

Deterrence Of Crime

The main purpose of a security guard is ofcourse the deterrence of crime. Granted that in a gated community there is already security present however hiring private security will prove to be more efficient. There are times when some people might slip inside the gated community. In which case the security guards will stop them before they can do anything. The security guards take every situation into account and act accordingly in order to keep the residents safe and carefree.

Types Of Security

As mentioned above there are a variety of security guards that are used in the process of protecting gated communities. So here are the types of security guards best used for gated communities.

Gate Guards

Gate guards are useful in gated communities as they limit the people who enter the community. They only allow those who live here or those that got permission from the resident to enter. Having someone there to manually handle the gates would be a lot more helpful than leaving it on automatic.

Patrolling Guards

Many people try to go over the wall of the gated communities. This is why it is important to have patrol guards that go around the premises to make sure everything is safe. The patrol guards keep changing their routes so the people trying to get in can’t predict where the security guards would be at the moment.

Armed Guards

One other important guard that is required is armed guards. Though it is not necessarily important to have them on the premises it would be helpful to have some armed guards carrying handguns on standby. This is in case some violent crime occurs nearby. However, the residents can decide if they want an armed guard or unarmed guard present on the premises.

Special Event Guards

Sometimes when the residents plan on having a special event that is open to the public a good option would be to hire some additional security. These guards can be in charge of everyone in the event. As well as keep an eye on people to make sure no one causes any trouble. If anyone leaves the event they should keep an eye on them. Sometimes they should provide transport back to the gate for the guests as well.


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