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How To Protect Vacant Facilities During COVID-19 Pandemic

Security’s role during a global pandemic

I’m sure you’re aware that we are currently living in extremely unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to economic collapse and a total disruption of our everyday lives as we stay home keeping our families and society safe. Besides keeping our families safe, we should also consider how to keep our businesses safe during these times of lockdown.

While most things are closed or shut, you may assume there is no need for security, as there is less human interaction. In reality, security services are more necessary than ever to protect closed and vulnerable businesses from vandalism or theft. Numerous restaurants, shops, and facilities look like ghost towns with little traffic, making criminals more inclined to break and enter. As many businesses remain temporarily closed and vacant, you may consider how security guard services near you can help protect your facilities, keeping you and your business safe.

Remote Surveillance

You might be considering what kind of security to hire in order to successfully protect your business. In many cases, business owners are unsure of what steps to take when it comes to hiring security. As there are endless options available for each client. From unarmed security guards to remote surveillance. It’s a good idea to know the different levels of security available and which is best for you.

For both exterior and interior monitoring, you may be interested in remote surveillance. Remote surveillance, also known as remote monitoring, captures video and image stills from cameras placed in your business facility and displays them on another monitor. This other monitor may be on you to watch at all times, might be managed by another security member, or could be placed at the back of your store for additional surveillance. Additionally, you could have various monitors to keep on a survey at all times.

Remote surveillance is essentially a live stream of your business or wherever you choose to place your cameras. This is a great option to protect the exterior and interior of your business offices or complexes. With today’s technology, remote monitoring can be seamlessly integrated into your business. If your complex has individual offices or multiple meeting areas, you can have individual cameras for each or overhead views in order to watch all regions at once. These services will allow you to contact the additional security of the police with ease if need be. As there are less traffic and interaction compared to before the pandemic, the security cameras will likely pick up on interaction outside your facility and notify you due to their analytics. Furthermore, you can always customize and set up your security options with your installer or security company.

Taking Precautions

Before crimes occur, there are always steps you can take for precautions. If you are spending less time at your business as it may be closed, consider changing the delivery address on any packages. Unattended packages are a huge part of theft nowadays, as they may be left out in the open for extended periods of time. It’s important to know when your package is arriving to pick them up as quickly as possible. To do this, use the shipping tracking, schedule deliveries, or simply request a signature upon delivery. Again, installing a security service such as remote monitoring is a way to keep an eye on your packages. All these steps can reduce crime in your vacant facilities.

Contact Security Guard Company in Los Angeles

There are steps and precautions you can take to keep yourself and your business safe including hiring a security company, monitoring your business exteriors and interiors, and installing an alarm system. By implementing these security structures, you are more likely to have a safe and successful business.

Now you may be considering contacting a security company in Los Angeles, but might not know who to contact. Securelion Security is a great choice for Southern California based security guard services. We are a private security guard agency that provides solutions to businesses, schools homes, and more. In both Northern and Southern California, we offer armed, unarmed, and various other protection services. For remote surveillance or monitoring guards, contact Securelion Security for a free quote. Even throughout this pandemic, our main goal remains the same: to keep you and your businesses safe.

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May 26, 2020 4:43 pm