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Benefits of Unarmed Security Guards For Your Business


If you’re trying to get security for your business then you probably automatically jumped to armed security guards. After all, why not go ahead and get the best guards that are on offer? Why would you settle with what may at first appear to be a half measure with unarmed security guards? Well, there are a few reasons that might surprise you as to why you should instead work with unarmed guards instead of armed guards. That’s what we’ll be covering briefly through this. Here, we’re talking about the benefits of unarmed security guards for your business. 

Benefits of having unarmed security guards for your business

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Something to get out of the way early is that every business is different and every situation is different. What might make sense for someone else may not make sense for your business? Security is not a one size fits all and there’s a chance that you might not know what’s best for your business in the same way a security expert will know what’s best for your business. You should always consult to get a correct appraisal of your needs and how to meet them efficiently. This can help ensure that you’re safe and ensure that in the long run, you don’t end up wasting money on guards you don’t need because you’re operating inefficiently. Getting the opinion of an expert is always a good idea. 

The first major benefit is that unarmed security guards often cost substantially less per hour than an armed guard. Now the reason for this isn’t surprising. They have less equipment, less training, and have less responsibility than their armed counterparts. Now when we say less, don’t take that to mean none. An unarmed security guard still has to have a minimum of 40 hours of training. They just happen to have less than an armed guard because they don’t carry a weapon. 

Unarmed guards are also not less capable than their armed counterparts. In fact, they can sometimes be more capable as this often comes down to the guard in question. They have fewer tools at their disposal but that doesn’t mean they can do less. 

Another major way that an unarmed guard can have a positive impact where an armed guard might not is on the moral and mindset of your employees. An armed guard may at times make the guests or employees who come into your business uncomfortable. This isn’t because of anything they did or didn’t do. It’s just because they happen to be armed. Guns make some people uncomfortable, and having an armed security guard places a gun in an area that would otherwise not have one. This is something that you’d need to talk with a security expert about as every business is different. 

The last benefit that you can take advantage of is that there’s less potential for a deadly accident. When there’s a gun there’s always the potential for something to go wrong. Someone might grab the gun, it could accidentally go off, and there are numerous other things that could potentially go wrong. The chances of something going wrong are slim but with an unarmed guard, the chances are zero. 

These are just a few of the ways that unarmed security guards for your business could be better than an armed security guard. If you’re trying to find guards for your business there are reputable security guard companies who are eager to answer your questions about security. 

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December 19, 2019 9:30 pm