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7 Reasons Why Your HOA Needs To Hire A Security Guard

Security Guards

Homeowner associations are also known as HOA are generally designed to make your community more appealing to others so the property value is high. For this reason, security guards are a perfect solution to many problems of the HOA. You may question yourself Why your homeowner association should hire a security guard? Well here are the reasons why your HOA needs to hire a security guard. Well, crime happens everywhere and it doesn’t seem to stop. Not just vandalism but also trespassing, theft, and loitering around the area. All these activities affect the HOA in showing how great the community is. So the HOA hires security guards as a preventative action to protect all residents present in the community.

1. Security Guards will Keep The Property Safe

The HOA’s top responsibility is to keep the neighborhood and the residents safe from any criminal activity. So that they can keep all homes safe, the HOA should hire a security guard most likely to patrol the entire area to cover ground easier. As the security guards can maintain order and protect everyone. If it is a closed or open community it makes a very big difference. As open communities would require more security as anyone can just simply enter. For closed communities or gated communities, only the people living in the community can enter.

2. Manage Traffic And Parking

Another task for the security guards is to manage the traffic and parking in the community. Many people can get into accidents by speeding or wrongful turns. This is why the Home Owners associations hire security guards to maintain order. The main reason the HOA keeps everything in order is for the image that they are trying to build of the community. A security guard monitoring the traffic could protect children from getting hit by a speeding vehicle as well. So this is why hiring a security guard to maintain the traffic and parking will greatly help right now and in the future of the community.

3. Security Guards Prevent Vandalism And Threats

One of the major tasks the security guard is hired for is to prevent criminal activities. The HOA hires them to stop all the vandalism, theft, and trespassing in the area. Be it a gated community or open crime always occurs in any place. Security guards keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior and prevent it from happening before it takes place. As vandalism can damage properties and greatly impact the value of the houses. This would cause the community’s value to drop affecting the HOA. Though these acts of vandalism are done by kids as a way to have fun it still affects the community in a bad way.

4. They Patrol The Neighborhood

The HOA hires the security guards so they can protect the entire community. Which is why the security guards patrol the area keeping a keen eye on everything. They watch for any suspicious behavior or illegal activity being conducted on the community. They have a lot of areas that they must cover. Even though there are security cameras present in the community, there are still a lot of blind spots between them. So security guards maintain the community by checking the blind spots and the rest of the area to keep everyone safe in the area.

5. Security Guards Are Alert

One of the most important things about security guards is that they are alert. They are monitoring and guarding your community for anything. They look for any suspicious or dangerous elements and stop it before anything happens. You can leave your community in the hands of professional security guards as they do everything they can to stop threats to you. That is why many celebrities live in gated communities with guards as it gives them peace of mind away from all the attention. Security guards are also on watch for any fire accidents that happen. No threat will go unchecked by the guards.

6. They Guard The Gates

In gated communities, the HOA always assigns a security guard to protect the gates. As many people try to enter the community unauthorized. When a gate is constantly open or closed this could be considered a bad thing. Many automatic gates can break easily which is why security guards are preferred. The gate and the guard’s main purpose is to protect the residents who are present inside. So the security guards only allow the family of the people living inside to enter through the gates.

7. Gives The Residents A Peace Of Mind

HOA hires security guards to protect and keep the residents safe. This is also done to give them a piece of mind and not worry about any criminal activities occurring within the community. Many celebrities enter into gated communities to have a break and peace of mind from all the attention. This is one of the main reasons as to why the HOA hires security guards in the first place.

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June 19, 2020 5:04 pm