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3 Ways Security Guards Improve Morale in the Workplace | Security Guard Services Los Angeles

Workplace morale is a key part of employee production and retention. We all know that and we’ve all worked the jobs where the workplace morale was atrocious. We just wanted out, the management was bad, and the company saw the employees as being entirely replaceable. We’ve been there. Now you’re running your own business, you’re the one making choices and trying to make sure the people working for you are happy and ready to do their job to the best of their ability.

There is something you can do as an employer that isn’t direct or even often associated with morale, contract with security guard services, Los Angeles. Bringing a security guard on can increase workplace morale, retention, and provide better security. Here are the three ways they do that.

1. Showing That You Care

Hiring a security guard says something to your employees. It says that you care about their safety. It’s a gesture that your employees will care about and just give them that boost in morale that could make all the difference. Look at that, the boss cares enough about us to bring someone on. Even if you’re only bringing the guard on to prevent workplace theft, your employees will still notice and care about this gesture.

2. Ease Their Minds

Imagine having to work under a condition that would require you to bring your valuables to the bathroom or just leave them at home over the fear of theft. Not a pretty picture is it? No, it’s not. By hiring a security guard you’ll help ease the minds of the people working hard for you. They won’t have to be concerned over violence in the workplace or possible theft of their items. There’s someone there to stop that.

The bonus for you in all of this that the guard is protecting your property as well. It’s an absolute win-win for everyone involved, you the employer and the employees as well. When your people feel safe it increases their productivity and helps in bettering the work environment.

3. Working Late

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, someone may have to stay late. It happens as much as nobody likes it. Just a reality of the working world. Having a security guard will help put anyone that may have to stay late at ease, knowing they aren’t in the building alone. By placing them at ease with the knowledge of a security guard being on the premises it will allow them to be more productive and finish faster. Hence costing you less money. These little things help in the long run and matter to the people working for you.


When talking about an increase in workplace morale security often isn’t a point of discussion. It just seems very distant and hard to tie to the moral of your other workers. The truth though is that it does matter. It matters to the people working for you and therefore it should matter to you.

Maybe cost has kept you from investing in your own security team or maybe you feel that it’s just not worth it to you. That can’t be further from the truth. You need a security team and it will have benefits beyond security. Contact a company that provides security guard services, Los Angeles, today and see what they can do for you.

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April 4, 2019 5:13 pm