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3 Ways Security Guards Improve Customer Service | Bay Area Security Guard Companies

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A security guard company has the stated goal of keeping your people and your property safe. That isn’t, however, the only benefit that a Bay Area security guard companies can provide to you. They can provide you and your business with extra benefits that your customers will appreciate.

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They can also serve as customer service aid. That’s not saying that customer service is their set goal. It’s a side effect in many cases but something that can’t be discounted. Here are 3 ways that a security guard can improve your customer service and experience.

1. Makes People Feel Safer

Security officers make people feel safer. They don’t just provide the illusion of safety though, they actually are safer with them around. If a customer feels safer they’re likely to stay longer, spend more and come back. You don’t want your customers to feel unsafe when they are in your store. Customers feeling safer can also make for happier customers. Happy customers are easier to work with, improving the overall morale of the workplace.

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2. An Immediate Outlet

Let’s say for a moment that a customer is robbed in your parking lot, or has a suspicious person following them. Often the security team will stop this all before it happens but there’s always the chance that it slips through the cracks. Having a uniformed security officer on the premises gives that person who was followed or robbed a place to go. They have someone who will look into the matter and is qualified to help. They’ll ensure all the information is documented and reported to the proper authorities. Having these officers on your premises doesn’t erase the bad experience a customer in either of the situations has but it does improve what was a bad experience into a more positive one.

3. An Additional Voice

A customer or client is a bit lost in your store or office and doesn’t know where to go. They see the security guard and ask them where to go. Any officer on duty should be attentive and know the answer to the question. In this instance, a security guard has just become part of your customer service. Without them there the customer or client might have stayed lost longer.

Those aren’t the only questions they might get asked. There’s any number of possible questions someone may have that a posted security officer can answer. They shouldn’t be shy to answer either. If you let them, they can be a great addition to any customer service team.


Security guards aren’t just for security. They can be beneficial to other key aspects of your business and increase customer retention rates through basic customer service. That’s not to say it’s their first priority but it does become a key aspect, like any job that involves working with people. Hire Bay Area security guard companies today and let them help you with your security needs.

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May 7, 2019 7:15 pm