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3 Reason Why you need Security Guards at your San Francisco Wedding

If you’re staying current with local news, you should be well informed of the rising crime rates in the Bay Area. Regardless of these crime rates, this beautiful city hosts some of the most beautiful weddings. So how can you celebrate your big night safely?

After being quarantined the last few years due to the pandemic and postponed weddings, couples are wasting no time booking venues, sending RSVPs, and hiring the best caterers in the Bay Area to make their wedding dreams come true!

With the excitement of planning your dream wedding comes the reality of safety concerns. According to San Francisco Police Department’s current crime rate statistics, local crime rates for 2021 have risen to 10.6 % from offenses in 2020. This increase in public violations totals approximately 50,000 reported and convicted crimes and thousands more left unreported. These rates are inclusive of theft, burglary, robbery, and assaults. So with this alarming information, how can couples feel safe celebrating one of the most important days of their lives?

The fundamental but underlying question in getting wedding plans together is: Finding the perfect balance of a magical AND a safe night? Let’s face it – people associate safety with being boring, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. You can host a beautiful wedding that encapsulates your love and one that addresses the safety concerns of your guests.

As we all know, wedding receptions tend to get a little rowdy as everyone gets excited about celebrating your new journey with you- Especially when wine and spirits are involved. Sometimes these nights can take a turn for the worst as people get carried away, but the question of how to safely celebrate lies within the answer of hosting events with a professional team of armed security guard service San Francisco.

If you’re looking forward to hosting an event & celebrating safely, here are some best practices to follow when celebrating …

Hire a Private Security Team

When planning your night, it’s always best practice to host an event with an armed security guard service in San Francisco. Events with armed security services are more likely to have fewer, if not, no conflicts or issues regarding public and private safety. Hiring security services provides a sense of reassurance to guests. It gives a silent but golden promise that the event you are hosting is being overseen by a professional team of individuals trained to make sure you and your guests don’t have to worry about theft, violence, or any other crimes or public offenses. Event hosts and venue owners who hire private security, especially an armed security guard service, show that they take the issue of safety seriously. This means to you and your guests that you can carry on with your night of celebration and fun knowing that you have a team of professionals looking out for everyone’s safety. So drink up, mingle, dance to the rhythm of the beat, and celebrate enthusiastically, knowing that your team of armed security guards is looking out for you!


Familiarize Yourself with your Event’s Security Needs

It’s essential to become familiar with your venue’s needs for protection and security. While security cameras are a great resource, they don’t necessarily help with immediate protection. Unless your platform has installed more than a few of them, there will more than likely be many “blind spots.” This is why hiring a professional team of armed security guards is essential and encouraged. Armed guards can be assigned their protective zones within those blind spots. This ensures that you still have “eyes on the ground” and have covered any areas of concern. An armed guard’s protective zone is where the security guard is posted. People are less likely to become victims of a crime if they are within the eyesight of an appointed guard. Have you ever seen someone willingly and intentionally commit a crime in front of the police or any other figures of authority? The correct answer here is ‘no.’ Adding armed security guards can reassure your guests’ concerns about safety while they’re dancing the night away celebrating you!


Set up Coat Check Services

As the unspoken rule is always to have your personal belongings as close to you as comfortable, many guests find themselves burdened by carrying their handbag or outerwear throughout the night. It’s winter, and it’s cold outside. No one wants to have their heavy coat around at your wedding – especially when they dress to the nines. To be as presentable and carefree as they want to be, many guests tend to leave their belongings on their chair or table; thus, making their belongings vulnerable to theft, loss, and other issues. By setting up a coat check service with the venue staff (or hiring staffers of your own) and posting an armed guard by the service area, you are more than likely to have smoother and fewer conflicts at your event- Your wedding guests will be so thankful!


Provide an Escort Service or Security Staff for the Parking Lot

If your guests drove to the venue and parked in an unattended lot, it’s a nice and safe gesture to provide an escort service or set up a security post. As the wedding host, you should encourage your guests to ask the security team or an armed guard to accompany them to their car, ensuring their safety. By having an escort to their vehicle, your guests are less likely to become victims of a late-night crime.

With these combined efforts and the promise of protection from an armed security guard service in San Francisco, you have less to worry about as you count down to your new life as a married couple! So accept those RSVPs, build that guestlist, and plan away, knowing that you and your guests’ safety will be a priority when you hire events with security staff. Happy wedding!

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January 7, 2022 5:58 pm