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3 Common Misconceptions About Security Guards | Security Guard Company Los Angeles

Misconceptions are a common thing in any industry. Stereotypes emerge and ideas get spread that simply lack any truth or substance. Sure they were true at one point about someone but they’re hardly representative of the larger whole around that industry. This is true of any industry but today we’re going to clear up 4 commonly held misconceptions that seem rather pervasive about security guards that are working for a security guard company, Los Angeles.

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1. They’re all Armed

Here’s an idea that seems to get its grubby little fingers around everything. The idea that every security guard you see is always armed and trigger happy. The truth of the matter is that only a few guards are armed, the few that are licensed to be armed and then authorized by the management to be armed on duty.

The truth is that only a few of the guard you’ll see are armed when on duty and only a few have the authorization to carry. A lot of businesses don’t want armed security because it’s more expensive and can make people nervous in some scenarios. Lastly, there’s the idea that goes hand in hand with the idea that they’re all armed. (Little 2 in 1 bonus here) is the idea that they’re trigger happy. That couldn’t be further from the truth. These men and women do not want to pull out their weapons if at all possible and even less want to use them.

2. Security Guard Aren’t Good With the Public

Here’s another one that has no basis in reality aside from the stereotypical demeanor. This is the idea that security guards are not good with people. This is simply not true. You won’t find a security guard who is bad with people because nobody will hire a security guard that’s bad with people.

Security guards can act as an arm of customer service and are often more than happy to help direct customers and people where they need to go, or even directly assist customers and people with  a problem that has come up. They are also excellent communicators as communication is a invaluable part of their job that can’t be overlooked. They have to be able to communicate effectively in high stress and high tension scenarios so they most definitely are good with people who just want to know where the bathroom is.


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3. Security Guards Are Too Expensive

This might be the worst offender of the bunch. Security guards are like insurance to you and your business. If something were to go wrong you’ll be happy they’re around. Even just their presence makes it less likely that something will happen.

Saying that they are too expensive is saying that the safety and security of the staff. The people who are working for you and with the company aren’t worth the few extra dollars they cost. There are also a wide variety of guard types to sort through and they all cost different amounts based on their level of training and expertise. Any employer should put the safety of those under their employ and their customers above the cost for a guard.


These are just a few of the common misconceptions that surround this profession. There are many more that I don’t have time to list. In the end, though these are highly trained individuals who want nothing more than to keep you and your people safe. They put themselves in a dangerous line of work and should be respected for that. If your business needs security you can’t go wrong looking into hiring a security guard company, Los Angeles.

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June 17, 2019 6:29 pm