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10 Tips to Protect your Small Business during a Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has transformed the way we live, making us question what we presumed to be normal. A Security guard company in Los Angeles is important as of now for a majority of establishments. It has pushed us to think about how to safely better our future. As states begin to reopen, it is crucial to think about how we can protect ourselves, our family, and colleagues in a safe way. Like if you are a small business owner, thinking about the future of your business or company. We have 10 tips to protect your business in general and among the COVID-19 pandemic. These tips include implementations that every business should practice. Like antivirus software and security guard services in Los Angeles, along with more hygienic and sanitary recommendations for your office.

1. Install Antivirus Software:

All security feels like it should be heightened with our current state. Installing antivirus software is essential for any business or company. Malware today has become more and more advanced, therefore leading to endless reasons why antivirus software can help protect your business. We recommend looking for antivirus software that goes above and beyond. Certain software will detect viruses, generic malware, and also odd behavior on your servers or systems. Go for a software that will go as far as blocking the linking of corporate computers to users’ devices. Because protecting email accounts, and serve as a firewall for additional security is important. This will protect your entire digital infrastructure and put your mind at ease.

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2. Control Access Property:

If you are a small business owner, it’s a good idea to control who has access to your building or office. There are different types and levels of access control that may be right for you. Simply knowing who’s coming in and out of the building at all times can improve your security system.

An access control system is a way to know who has access to your building and is a great solution for buildings or offices with a large number of employees. One access control type is discretionary access control or DAC. This system makes the business owner responsible for who is allowed where.

The DAC system is the least restrictive among the three. Mandatory Access Control or MAC does not allow the owners to control access of space. However it instead gives ownership to the custodian while Role-based access control is controlled and designed by the system administrator. In this case, the security manager controls access. All of these systems, no matter which level you select will keep track of your employees and monitor who accesses your business space.

3. Hire a Security Company:

A very simple solution to upping security for your small business is to hire a security company. Hiring a Security guard company in Los Angeles is one of the best ways to get a customized approach to security. This way, you and the security company of your choice can discuss your business, your specific concerns, and needs. You can brainstorm together and find solutions to best fit your business and desires.

4. Stay Informed:

While this seems like an obvious recommendation, it’s always a good idea to stay informed about what’s going on in your area and the current events. Being aware will allow you to make smart decisions on how to assess your business’ security and what steps you may need to take. This leads us to our next point, neighborhood watch.

5. Neighborhood Watch:

If your small business is in or near a residential area, it’s a good idea to be a part of the neighborhood watch. Essentially, a neighborhood watch serves as eyes and ears for the community. They keep an eye out for suspicious activity in the surrounding neighborhood. At the moment, they may hold meetings and events, social-distance style, to keep members of the neighborhood safe and aware. Consider joining your neighborhood watch if you and your business are new to the area or if you’d like to be in the know.

6. Install Remote Surveillance:

If you are thinking about additional ways to keep an eye on your small business, consider installing a remote surveillance service. If you are working from home but have another business location, remote monitoring is a secure option to manage what’s going on in another space. You can install interior and exterior cameras to keep watch on both at the same time.

7. Ensure Good Air-Flow:

On a more corona-virus related note, if you are working in the office or thinking about steps to move back to your office, it’s crucial to think about how hygienic your office space is. Airflow is important because vents and ducts are notorious for collecting germs, bacteria, and dust. To improve the air-flow quality in your building or office, change your air filter or clean your vents. If your air filters are dirty, airflow will be restricted increasing the amount of germ and dust build up in your office. As a business or building owner, it’s your responsibility to manage and check on the airflow in your space for the safety and health of your employees.

8. Keep Things Clean, Consistently:

Another simple way to improve office hygiene is by cleaning all surfaces frequently. This especially includes office hotspots like the kitchen area and meeting areas. Furthermore, doorknobs, handles, switches, and all surfaces should be cleaned frequently throughout the day. It’s noted that office desks, especially if they’re cluttered contain more germs than a restroom. It’s a good idea to keep your desk as clear as possible with only the essentials to avoid clutter and bacteria build-up.

9. Always Wash your Hands:

Washing your hands frequently is still the best way to kill off germs as we tend to transmit germs by touching things often. Remind yourself and your employees to wash their hands very frequently. You can also provide hand sanitizer around the office, before entering the office and on each individual’s desk. Hand sanitizer and disinfection should not replace hand-washing but should serve as an additional step to support a clean space.

10. Clear Communication:

All businesses whether big or small should adopt a more open and honest communication policy to cultivate community but also to protect staff and employees. If you are adopting a new security system, be transparent with your employees about it. If you are trying to adopt more hygienic procedures for a clean office, inform your staff and employees about updates and why you are implementing new policies. It’s highly likely that your employees will appreciate the transparency and therefore be more inclined to adopt these methods to serve the greater good.

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May 22, 2020 5:20 pm