Security Officer Training & Process


With over 40 years of combined management, field experience, and security officer training, SECURELION SECURITY SERVICES is capable of designating, implementing, and controlling a professional cost-effective program that will fit your individual needs and requirements.

The focus SECURELION SECURITY SERVICES is on providing excellent service on both the security officer and management levels throughout the life of the contract. Providing both a thorough security functions and superior client service while charging a competitive rate is what distinguishes SECURELION SECURITY SERVICES from the competition.


Our administration, operation and general procedures are consistent and conform to all state and federal requirements. Our staff members have been with our organization for several years, Permanent Personnel is our goal. We have developed a strong sense of teamwork, loyalty, and professional attitude within our organization, to provide the best service to our client.

Direct contact, can be achieved at any time, we that good communication is the key to a good client relationship. In addition, our Vice President of Operations and Supervision Team will be at your disposal daily to assure your account runs consistently smooth.

All supervisors are required to receive firearm certification. Each supervisor to take the course designed to provide skills and information necessary to satisfy the state requirements covering firearm care.

A designated Post Commander will perform certain duties to ensure Security Officers performance is being maintained, for day to day operations and overview. Field Supervisor will supervise each location to ensure Security Officers appearance, attentiveness, and knowledge of procedure and general overview of the facility.


Each applicant goes through a multistep pogrom to gain employment. First, a specially designed application completed. The application is designed to meet the EEO and ADA criteria. No one with an admitted criminal conviction is hired, and basic physical abilities must be acknowledged. We contact all previous employers for the past seven years and each personal reference. Each file is reviewed by our Personnel Department to ensure the acceptability of each applicant prior to the final review by our management.

Selection Process

Every officer, accepted and employed by SECURELION SECURITY SERVICES will possess valid state permits and have these in his/her possession at all times while on duty. These permits are issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs and must correspond to such items as:

Guard registration




CPR and first aid

Military and Law enforced trained supervisors.

Our president who will have visited your facility and understand your needs always conducts initial interview and testing. Criteria used at this point are:

Assessment of individual in the light of whether he or she meets general company standards

The individual then undergoes verbal and written verification of past record.

Secondary interviews with operations management are then conducted for the areas in which current needs are determined (i.e., the specific needs of your facility).


The most important segment of the security program is how well it is staffed. We have many highly trained and capable officers on staff. This assures you of our ability to adequately staff your facility, including emergency coverage.
We have a large staff of security officers (male, female, bilinguals, etc.). Many have been with our company for a long term. We pride ourselves on our Officers attitude, loyalty, and desire to please our clients.

We take great care in screening, testing and training our staff, this screening includes a pre-employment examination, written test, drug tests D.V.M., employment history searches and a thorough computer criminal history investigation.

SECURELION SECURITY SERVICES takes sexual harassment very seriously and is not tolerated by the company. It is mandatory for all employees to go through sensitivity training regarding sexual harassment at the time of joining and time to time during their affiliation with


On a scheduled basis, meetings are held with security officers to review operations, procedures, and techniques. Written tests are administered to review retention and comprehension.

Each job is carefully scheduled so that a master plan exists, then each officer is assigned in accordance with that master plan. This assures coverage of all contracted hours and minimizes unplanned overtime, double scheduling, and so forth. Our security officers assigned close to their homes to minimize travel and cost.

Our scheduling department ensures that all officers arrive at their post at the designated start times. If for any reason any officer does not check in on time, a replacement is immediately dispatched. In case, if an officer is waiting for relief who did not show up for work on time, that officer is required to notify the field supervisor and continue to cover his/her post until relieved.

In the event of illness or accident to the officer on duty, a supervisor who is entirely familiar with the jobsite will assign a replacement guard immediately. If necessary, on-the-job training will be conducted to assure the ability of the replacement guard to perform the necessary tasks.

When notice time is too short, the supervisor will personally assume the post until arrangement can be made to relieve the supervisor.


SECURELION SECURITY SERVICES staff works 24 hours a day by trained dispatchers who maintain constant radio communication; this enables us to offer instant assistance to offices in the field. Supervisor and radio equipped patrol cars will arrive at the building site on an unscheduled basis. Field supervisors will fill out a security officer evaluation form, which will include, but is not limited to, check for the security officer, uniform appearance, daily reports, or any other special reports.

As a service to you our supervisors will patrol your property off-hours absolutely free of charge on an unscheduled basis. It is through this process of close supervision that we are able to have a constant line of communication with our officers, supervisors in field, the client, and the main office. Each client knows that everyone within the organization is personally involved in assuring the best quality of service is delivered.

Comprehensive security officer supervision is unique to SECURELION SECURITY SERVICES. It is in our best interest to evaluate the performance of the security officer who is assigned to protect your property.


Security officers benefit most from a combination of direct exposure to the jobsite and classroom. By providing each guard an opportunity to solve problems on the job, under the supervision of immediate supervisor, the officer gains confidence, experience and a better understanding of his duties and the facility.

The officer to be assigned to a particularly location is then trained on the job our field supervisors, at the client’s location, where they become thoroughly familiar with each aspect and unique requirement of the operation. Paperwork will be established, unique to your facility, to adequately document the activities occurring on the property.


SECURELION SECURITY Guards will perform the following functions and duties:

Secure Your Premises

Secure your premises with Securelion Unarmed Security Guards.


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