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Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Security Guard

They are many advantages and disadvantages which come with security guards. Though they do protect your establishment it is always better to have multiple sources of security rather than just one. There are many security guard companies in San Francisco as they are a lot of businesses in need of protection there. So let’s talk about all the advantages and disadvantages of a security guard.

Advantages of Security Guards

1. In-Person Protection

The main reason people hire security guards over other security options with higher-tech is because of the physical protection they provide. Having security cameras and everything else does help you figure out who committed the crime after it has already been done but I security guard would be able to stop the crime and catch the person as it is being committed. So the presence of an alert and keen security guard is better in certain situations.

2. Presence Of Security Guard

In many cases, the visual presence of a security guard is enough to send people away. Even if they are security cameras places still get vandalized. This is because the security camera only captures what’s going on but it is not able to do anything about what’s going out outside the store. However, if a security guard is present such things don’t happen.

3. Security And Assistance For Potential Clients

Security guards are not only used to protect buildings in many cases a security guard is the best option. In cases when a person needs personal protection, they choose security guards rather than another option. As they have a neatly uniformed outfit as well. Some security guards are also used in the customer services part of companies as they are on duty to help people in the building they are protecting.

Disadvantages of Security Guards

1. Modern Security Cameras Before The Same Functions

There are very few things a security guard can do that modern live surveillance systems can’t replicate at a fraction of the cost. Video cameras placed in high-visibility areas and public areas generally provide the same visual deterrent that a security guard does. But without the same salary requirements that a human presence requires. Not only that, but live video surveillance services like Eyewitness Surveillance’s come with audible deterrent from speakers, alerting if anyone trespassed their activities are being monitored. Combine these features with its unique marketing opportunities like Eyewitness Surveillance’s Sales Direct service, and a business can accomplish the same goals with live video surveillance that they could with a security guard for thousands less.

2. Greater Liability Through Security Guards

A physical security presence can mean personal injuries for both the accused trespasser and the security guard themselves. While most jurisdictions agree that a security guard can be allowed to use a reasonable amount of force to control the situation and resolve physical conflict, what would be considered reasonable is open to interpretation. Such use of force by a civilian or security guard could open them to liability for negligence or even assault. On top of potential assault and battery, employers must also consider the risk of wrongful detention. If a security guard holds back someone without any cause or damage to property, either their own or someone else’s. These considerations and possibilities require a lot of insurance to mitigate that financial risk and liability in the event of a worst-case-scenario.

3. Security guards Can Get Bored On Field

Security guard protection is not always busy. You have a few security guards at best simply waiting for a crime to happen. However, that crime may not happen for hours, days or weeks. That sort of inactive boredom makes falling asleep very easy to do, no matter what the facility under protection is. A few years ago, A security guard at a United States nuclear power plant was discovered sleeping on the job. You would assume that a nuclear power plant run by the government would have the best of the best guards on staff to protect the plant.

4. Security Guards Can’t See All Locations

This last point against using security guards is a primary security solution but is a bit obvious, as it repeats itself. Guards can only be in one place at a time. If a crime occurs on multiple parts of the property or because of a distracted guard ultimately unimportant while a break-in occurs. Then the guard would be unable to stop or delay a crime in time. They won’t have time to call some police officers. Ultimately, the choice of whether to hire security guards is completely dependent on the business’s unique security needs. But, don’t hire a security guard because you think your business will be safer. You don’t need a person on site to make sure of your business’s safety.

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November 18, 2020 9:51 pm